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Terms & Conditions of Purchase

Beach Party Balloons LLC (BPB)

1. Balloons and Care: Balloons are novelty items and are not guaranteed to last beyond the time of purchase. We recommend purchasing a balloon bag to protect your balloon order. Please do not leave balloons in the car on warm days or in places where the temperature fluctuates. The use of helium balloons for outdoor purposes is discouraged. BPB is not responsible for any loss, damage, tangling, windblown incidents, or balloons floating away due to weather conditions.

2. Weighting of Balloons: All balloons leaving the store must be weighted. We strongly encourage you to keep the balloons weighted, especially when used outdoors.

3. Prohibition of Intentional Balloon Release: BPB does not sell balloons for intentional release. As members of PEBA (Pro Environment Balloon Alliance), we are committed to being an environmentally conscious and law-abiding balloon shop. The state of Connecticut prohibits the release of balloons for any reason. We suggest considering more environmentally friendly options such as a butterfly release or tethered balloons.

4. Balloon Décor with Base: Balloon decor items that come with a base, such as columns, "favorite" centerpieces, and arches, may require a deposit or strike fee. You are responsible for the safe return of these items. Failure to return the items or their absence during retrieval may result in the loss of your deposit or being charged a replacement fee.

5. Delivery: Balloon orders for delivery require a minimum 2-hour delivery window. Smaller delivery windows cannot be guaranteed for on-time arrival, as we account for potential delays. A minimum order and delivery fee may be required based on the date and location. Delivery is subject to availability.

6. Substitution of Products: BPB reserves the right to provide a substitute product of equal or greater value if we are unable to fulfill the exact product ordered.

7. Weather-Related Substitution or Cancellation: BPB reserves the right to substitute or cancel an order in the event that weather conditions make delivery or setup of decor, such as a balloon arch, unsafe or impractical. For example, on windy days, we may substitute columns for an arch.

8. Liability: BPB is not responsible for any damage to property, injuries caused by balloons, decor, or our employees or vehicles, including allergic reactions and choking incidents. Children should be supervised around balloons.

9. Foil Balloons: Foil balloons may appear deflated in cold weather. Helium condenses in cold temperatures, but the balloons should expand to their original size when brought to the inflation temperature.

10. Refunds and Replacements: Purchases and down payments  are nonrefundable. You can cancel your order within 5 days for a 75%  store credit. Once balloons leave the store or are delivered, BPB is not responsible for replacing any popped, damaged, or  deflated balloons. Balloons are fragile by nature, please handle with  care and check your purchase for any defects before leaving the shop.

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